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Artists are most important, they are the heart beat and spirit of everything. Attorney Kalfen is interested in select artist assistance and representation, taking care of the many and varied needs of the creative soul.

From touring across Europe and Russia with an International Orchestra, to producing large-scale entertainment experiences, to creating intimate restaurant cafe atmosphere / business with live entertainment, attorney Herman Kalfen has kept his pulse on the Entertainment Industry for over two decades, including:

  • Attorney for the movie Blondes Have More Guns (Troma / 1996), representing director George Merriweather, and helping to assure completion of this landmark film
  • Successfully resolving First Amendment Dispute between Festival Promoter and CA City - City approved Festival only 6 days after City claimed Festival was threat to “health and safety,” and “on the police” and “many departments” and review would take “some time”
  • Successfully resolved dispute between basketball star and promoter regarding signed posters and appearances at shows
  • Assisted with post production contract review for entity related to TV show Whale Wars on Discovery Channel
  • Owner & Producer - 2000 seat Festival with four stages
  • Reviewed performance, venue, and artist contracts
  • Assisted with Production of Global Music Festival for major non profit entity
  • Assisted Private Individual connected to Entertainment Industry in evaluation of private aircraft purchase to upgrade Boeing 727
  • Obtained new Type 41 CA Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) license for new establishment in Pacifica, CA owned by this law firm’s principal, also approval to present live music / comedy
  • Painting Stolen from Gallery - Obtained Full Stated Value on Behalf of Artist - Insurance Recovery
  • Assisted Legal Team in Suit Against City of San Diego for Mural Censorship on behalf of the Artist Pro Bono
  • Created live music & comedy venue at Cafe / Restaurant owned by this law firm’s principal

Please contact us regarding your personalized comprehensive tailored legal and promotional needs. We can help with everything, from artist management, contracts, intellectual property protection, tour and venue arrangement, litigation avoidance strategies, and, if need be, litigation.

Law Office of Herman I. Kalfen - Civil Litigation - Business Law - Environmental

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